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Three Easy Steps to a Whiter Smile

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Remember that smile from 10 years ago? Over time, teeth naturally darken. With our help, we can help you rejuvenate your smile with one of the simplest procedures in dentistry – whitening. In our practice, we offer the KOR Whitening system. KOR Whitening is our remarkable take-home whitening system, which uses customized trays and a gel to enhance your smile for that wedding, prom and or everyday life. It can easily meet your goals from the comfort of your home, and without the need for lights or lasers.

KÖR Whitening - Teeth Whitening System

For five years KOR has been voted “Dentistry Today Top 25 Aesthetic/ Restorative Products”

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This is how we can help –


Impressions are taken to form trays that you will use every night for two weeks straight. The trays are what will hold the gel in place every night.


After the lab has successfully created your whitening trays and they fit comfortably, the dentist will give you a bag full of information and two whitening gel syringes. This will be more than enough to get you to a level of whitening you are comfortable with.


After a two week frequency, the doctor will request to evaluate the status of the whitening, as well as answer any questions or concerns.

After the steps have been followed the whitening can be completed at your leisure to hold a brighter level you were looking for.


KÖR Teeth Whitening in Mechanicsburg PA

So, what’s the deal with sensivity?

A major question and concern for patients thinking about whitening is, “How safe, and how sensitive will this be for my teeth?”

KOR has gone to great lengths to treat the common symptoms of sensitive teeth whitening.

Starting with avoiding lights and lasers. Studies have proven that the light and laser techniques have increased teeth sensitivity.

They also have one of the lowest osmolality level. Only having 1/11th the osmolality opposed to other whitening gels. All that means is that the agent is less concentrated than other whitening agents, so it is safer, but still strong!

Refrigeration from the time the gel is created to the time they are received by the dental office creates a greater whitening effectiveness and less sensitivity.

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