Getting Rid of Tooth Pain in 2024

What Is The Root of The Issue?

Discomfort from tooth pain is not a very pleasurable experience. But where is that pain actually coming from? It is important to investigate further. Tooth pain can stem from a variety of underlying causes. Once you know what the main cause of your aching is, you can better decide how to produce a solution to your issue. Below we have laid out some simple home remedies you can carry out yourself. 

It is important to note: If pain and/or discomfort is lasting for more than 2 days we highly encourage you to contact your dentist. They can help give further advice or information for your specific need. 

Dentist Recommended Home Remedies 

  1. Rinse Your Mouth With Salt Water or Hydrogen Peroxide

Mom’s favorite home remedy for a sore mouth is definitely a helpful first step in relieving pain, if not stopping it entirely. This remedy simply involves mixing salt into warm water and swishing it in your mouth for around a minute. Then just spit it out (try not to swallow). This is because of salt water’s natural composition as a disinfectant. Helping with the reduction of inflammation, soothing open wounds, and loosening food molecules stuck in between teeth. 

Another excellent rinsing option to help relieve the pain in your mouth is hydrogen peroxide. Be especially careful not to swallow this as too much in your system can have dangerous side effects. 

  1. The Cold Compress

Another classic home remedy that actually works is applying an ice pack to your area of pain for a cold compress. This can greatly help alleviate pain, inflammation, and swelling through the constriction of blood vessels in the applied area. The optimal time to apply the cold compress is around 15-20 minutes at a time.

  1. Medicine

Other than the aforementioned home remedies, one other method of reducing tooth pain is using pain-relieving medicine. This can be found over the counter. If the pain is bad enough to need more than that, you should definitely consider scheduling an emergency dentist appointment.

What Is The Best Way To Avoid Tooth Pain In The First Place? 

The development of toothaches are usually preventable. There are many easy ways you can do your best to stop them from happening. We’ve outlined a quick list below:

  1. Brush Your Teeth: We know this is a given, but some people simply don’t brush. If you haven’t yet today, we encourage you to the first chance you get. Consistent brushing is an essential key to keeping your teeth clean and healthy. This will prevent gum disease and cavities from infiltrating your mouth and causing pain. 
  1. Floss: This is another one that dentists and parents often preach. Flossing can help get out the extra gunk that may not be removed after swishing with salt water or hydrogen peroxide. 
  1. Visit The Dentist Twice A Year: It is recommended to visit your dentist twice a year so that you can be checked for underlying dental problems that may be developing. If a problem does arise, be sure to get it covered ASAP. 

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