Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are easy, convenient, and affordable.

Our goal is to deliver a no-frills whitening system that cuts out all the flashy lighting systems and cut to the chase… to whiten your teeth and deliver results with our whitening kit that is approved by our own network of dentists.


The VerTrue Whitening kit is a take-home whitening product that you can do on your own time. We will do a 3D scan of your teeth in office to provide you with custom whitening trays. Ask us about teeth whitening today!

looking at a computer screen with 3D teeth on it

At-Home Whitening Treatment

A do-it-yourself whitening kit that you can pick up at your local grocery store or pharmacy typically offers lower concentrations of whitening agents and hydrogen peroxide. This means they’re not able to whiten to the same level that a professional whitening kit can achieve.


At Rother Dental we can offer you a higher-concentration professional whitening kit that you can take home and apply with a custom-fitted tray. Since it is a custom fit to your exact mouth it will provide a deeper and more noticeably whiter smile.


If you’re considering a professional whitening treatment to brighten up your smile, you’ll be happy to know that we can help! Our office uses a system that produces fast and effective results.


While a wide variety of whitening options are currently available over the counter, professional-grade teeth whitening safely produces excellent results over a longer period of time. Whether you are considering over-the-counter whitening or professional options here at Rother Dental, we always recommend that you consult with your dental professionals before starting any whitening so that you know it will be safe for your mouth. Easy and cost-effective, our take-home trays are a bleaching procedure that uses custom-made whitening trays to put a healthier look back into your smile without the expense of a costly, generic cosmetic treatment.


Ask our staff during your next visit about our teeth whitening or contact us to consult with our team!

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