Common Brushing Mistakes

5 common brushing mistakes

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  1. Rinsing with Water After Brushing
  • When you rinse your mouth out with water, you also rinse away the fluoride that is meant to strengthen your teeth. So, instead of rinsing, just try to spit out as much as possible and wipe your mouth.

2. Brushing Too Hard

  • Proper technique is important because if you’re brushing back and forth in a scrubbing motion, you could be at risk for gum recession and tooth wear. One great way to know if you’re brushing too hard is to check for bristles that look flattened for frayed. If they are, you’re brushing too hard. The ADA offers brushing tips here

3. Not Including Floss

  • Your teeth have five surfaces, three surfaces that you can brush, and two in-between surfaces that your toothbrush can never reach.  If you do not include floss into your cleaning routine, you risk leaving harmful bacteria behind that can cause cavities and gum disease.

4. Brushing Too Fast

  • According to a Journal of Dental Hygiene study, most people brush 45 seconds on average, which is considerably below what dental professionals recommend. Professionals recommend that you brush for two minutes each time you brush.  

5. Only Brushing in the Morning

While brushing in the morning is important, brushing at night is even more important because the harmful bacteria in your mouth is more active while you sleep!

If you have questions about brushing, our dentists and hygienists at Rother Dental are always happy to answer questions and offer recommendations for you to get the best out of your brushing! Call our office at 717-963-3198.

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